The Clash is founded in 2005, and operated by Robby Sens and Tim Troost.
Because of our past with (reggae) music and our intrest in recording,
our hobby soon got out of hand... That's why we decided to put our
door open for other bands and musicians as well !

Everything down the Clash is builded by ourselves, and with the help
and tips of people like Jos van Soest, a man that is technically capable
to fix almost anything that you want, creating best solutions there
where nescessary! Respect and thanks to every one that helped us!

Because of our still growing intrest Tim Troost went to the Sound Academy
to learn more about studio recording and all possible techniques. Tim is
the man who operates the studio, and Robby is the man organising everything.
Through time we have learned, and we keep learning... It is our goal to fix
a good result for those musicians who come to visit the Clash.

But remember one thing.. This is our hobby, not our profession!!

Wether you come here for Demo recordings or a total production we
find it nice to help you with everything that comes with that. Recording, Composing,
Mixing, Artwork, Rights on your music, Mastering and all other cases you might need!