The Clash records with a 1-inch 24 track tape recorder (Fostex G24S)
The picture above shows you a small view of the recording room, down there
you'll find 17m2 space to play with your band 'live' or record seperate tracks.

We have a Tama drumkit available, you can use your own kit also.
For other instruments; most people like to take their own gear but still
we have nice goodies down here to make your recording nice and easy!

For those who already have their music/tracks recorded or digitally created
it is also possible to record vocals and then mix/edit everything together.
We have Cubase running here, and an 8-track M-Audio interface puts your
own creations back on our mixing console, or we put it together in Cubase.

When all tracks are recorded and you are satisfied, we mix them down together
with you, and most of the times we let our mix get mastered (up 2 you).

And last but not least: Clash Productions is running because we like to record
and create music. It is a homy place for every one, not a commercial fabric...

Questions? Remarks? Tips? Plz contact us!